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nothing but the Fruit

Australia's original Fruit Slider!

If you love the taste of Australian natural fruits then this is the Slider for you!

8% Alcohol, 1.7 Standard Drinks. 275 ml, Bear Essentials Fruit Sliders are naturally refreshing, and makes a great choice for summer. Try the Pineapple today!

These are the only Fruit Sliders in the country, made purely from natural fruit juice and nothing else. These are NOT a flavoured product like many others on the market today.

Bear Essentials Fruit Sliders are fully natural with no preservatives, no added cane sugar and importantly with no added sulphites (this product has been fully pasteurized).

If you are looking for a product that is refreshing with natural sweetness, then make sure you try Bear Essentials Fruit Sliders in Pineapple today.

Only Pineapple Fruit Sliders gives you the authentic Pineapple experience.

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Watch the video to learn how to make 'Pina Colada's' using Bear Essentials Pineapple Fruit Sliders.


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Bear Essentials Pineapple Fruit Sliders

275ML x 1 Pineapple 4-Pack (4 bottles)

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Bear Essentials Pineapple Fruit Sliders 275ML


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With the Law changes of March 2016 only Apple and Pear based products (Sparkling Fruit Wines) can be called Cider, Strawberry and Lime Ciders are actually an Apple or Pear based Cider with Strawberry and Lime flavorings added to it We have Fruits not Flavorings.

No Wine is made from Grape only, although there are some products that are a Cheap flavored Grape Wine, all other 8% and above (except those that are clearly marked, as a Spirit base e.g Bourbon, Rum etc) products are just flavored Grape Wine, we use just the Fruit in this case Pineapple. We the only non Grape Wine (No Grapes) in that 8% range outside the Apple and Pear Ciders.

No ,Our Fruit Sliders are made completely from the Pineapple Fruit, all the alcohol is from the Pineapples.

No Our Fruit Sliders are made completely from the Pineapple Fruit, all the alcohol is from the Pineapples.

8% Alcohol and 1.7 Standard Drinks per 275 ml bottle.

They Made in Australia by using Queensland Fruit, they are fully Australian Made and owned, we are an Australian Family business.

Please see tasting notes: Nothing but unsweetened Pineapples. There are no addded sugars used in Pineapple Fruit Sliders.

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